About Me

fruitradecoach.com is my latest project. The website aims to be a key portal for all matters related to the fresh fruit and vegetable trade.  It will never be complete as the industry is far to complex and versatile to even consider. But you will always find a lot of interesting and topical links and information here about this vibrant industry of ours.

This first image dates back to my years as a corporate produce retailer

I have the odd opinion or two.  My fresh food value chain related opinions can be found at The AgriChain Centre.  

This image has me harvesting bananas in the back garden at home,   in Auckland, New Zealand.

When I get dressed up, I get around.  Here I am speaking at an Adult Education Symposium at Peking University.

This next picture was taken at Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong.

And relaxing looks something like this!

A business associate provided this comment about me some years ago:

“This man’s intellectual ability is considerable.  His ability to suffer fools gladly is considerably less.”

Things have not changed.  I think I shall leave it at that.

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