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Literature implies thought, foresight and writing skills.  Fruit Trade literature?  An oximoron or a reaility?  After all, isn't "trade" an action based activity whilst literature implies reading - and quite frankly, the fruits & vegetables trade is far too perishable for anyone who wants to satisfy his customers and earn a margin doing it to jsut sit around on their bum all day and read books and magazines?

Well, you could of course pursue this line of thought and, up to a point, you would probably succeed whilst ignoring the wriietn word, be that in a book, in a mag or on a screen.  Ultimately though, you woudl come a cropper, hit a ceiling fall flat on your face or, more politely expressed, you would fail to reach your full potential.

Literature for literature's  sake is nothing to get exited about.  Literature with a purpose in mind, literature that can help us to upskill ourselves, literature that assists us in reaching our goals is well worthwhile pursuing.Fruit Trade literature can be segmented into several categories.  

  • Grower associations publish their own magazines.  That is what associations do. 
  • When an industry sector grows in size, it inevitably extracts independent publishers who want to service the industry.
  • All industries consist of people who carry out the practical work and those who do the research that forms the foundation for a lot of the practical day to day activities.  As a result, there are industry specific magazines which researchers use to communicate their findings.
  • Just about all published magazines these days are available in print as well as on-line versions.  Literature is therefore no longer bound pages one can hold in one's hands.
  • Then there are books.... and we all know how helpful they can be  to accelerate our learning.

I hope you are getting the drift.  You will not achieve your full potential in the Fruit Trade if you ignore the Fruit Trade literature.  You do so at your peril.

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