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17 January 2014

Yes, I know; it is cheese and not produce. Nevertheless, a classic example of how fresh food and social media can complement each other.  

9th January 2014

There is no need to go through 2014 with your head in the sand! The Fruit Trade Coach website will ensure that the intricacies of the trade cease being a mystery.

Happy New Year!

6th December 2013

Time to celebrate St Nicolas!  Fruit Trade Coach has 398 'Likes' on Facebook and a total of 70 information packed pages here on this website!

3rd August 

Consumers continue to cite Transparency as a key expection from the Fresh Produce Trade.  Only, they don't call it that but refer to the term by its 'long' name' "We want to know where our food comes from!"

3rd August 2013

The 'fruit box' market is hotting up in Auckland, with plenty of competion. Here is a NZ Herald link on the topic.

2nd August 2013

fruittradecoach.com has grown to 50 contents pages and there is no end in sight. If anything, the ideas for additional pages are still coming thick and fast, so keep on checking back often.

Young Blueberry entrepreneur at Matakana Farmers Market. Matakana is a small settlement north of Auckland, New Zealand.

9th June 2013

fruittradecoach.com has gone live with 20 contents pages.  I anticipate to have 40 contents pages of information relevant to the Fruits & Vegetables trade here by mid July.

Street market in Santiago de Chile.  Produce prices are for 3kg at a time!

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